IMG_9913After The Contemporary opens Sunday March 5th from 2 – 5 pm at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT.  Holland Cotter offers a quick take in the New York Times and you can read the museum press release here.  Grevsky, a bespoke contemporary art service, will be presenting its 2019 Winter Collection, the PDF catalog is now available on the company’s website.  The Stolbun Collection at the Aldrich has generously re-produced its 2019 New York art fair week booth for the exhibition, which offers a a review of the Contemporary from the year 2050.  Time is conceptual and subject to interpretation.

Grevsky, 2019

After the Contemporary
Posted by admin on 3 March 2017

Powhida’s scathing, hyperbolic analysis is clear, clean, and powerful, not to mention masterfully drawn and designed (the facial expressions, especially the creepily self-satisfied smiles on the faces of Trump, Shkreli, Duke, and Hitler, are highly effective; so are such grace notes as the reflected light in the shadow engulfing half of Michael Myers’s face). The drawing’s formal sophistication coupled with its levels of meaning and layers of context remove it entirely from the realm of political cartooning, but where does it land? And how will we address it once the threat of a Trump presidency (presumably November 9th) is over?

-Thomas Michelli, Hyperallergic, The Shelf Life of Political Art

Grayscale at Postmasters
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Democracy presents us with choices, and based on his campaign platform to address wealth and income inequality that could fund programs to support more Americans, I’m voting for Bernie Sanders in the New York State primary. What are the issues that will inform your choice? Make sure you’re registered at

These participatory drawings were commissioned by Spring/Break co-founders Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly for their #BernNYBern rally in the spirit of engaging in democratic dialog about the differences and similarities of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns.  No matter who wins the Democratic Primary, we should all be aware of were the candidates stand on the issues that matter most to us.  Not voting in November because your candidate didn’t win the primary is definitely not an option in the face of the Republican candidates.  We can’t afford four years of destructive and regressive Republican policies, or whatever insane free-market nonsense Donald Trump continues to sell to undereducated Americans motivated by fear of difference and social progress.  Please keep an open mind and show the rest of the country that New York Democrats will be coming out to vote in droves.

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Some Names for Drumpf

Support the 7th Annual Smack Mellon Kentucky Derby Party and Art Auction Sunday May 7th.  Buy a ticket now and you might *win* this drawing.

Some Names for Drumpf
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Powhida_AFC_DonationIt’s basically spring in New York and that means it’s benefit season until summer gets here.  I’m happy to be making an effort to support ARTFCITY, Momenta Art, and Smack Mellon this year.  This painting is available through Paddle8 or at the ARTFCITY Spring/Brk Fundraiser at Otto’s Shrunken Head Tuesday March, 15th.  Even if you’re not able to layout $2k to support Paddy and the blog, you can still support these awesome arts organizations by purchasing a ticket.  Seriously, as museums increasingly rely on commercial galleries, we need non-profit arts writing and exhibition spaces, so we don’t see the same artists from the same galleries.
Now that Art Fair Week Part 1: The Destruction of the Middle is over, think about spending a fraction of what it would cost to buy my garbage awesome art or any art fair art and buy tickets for these great events.  Paddy’s hosting a wet t-shirt contest for manboob, Momenta and Smack Mellon’s tickets guarantee you a piece of art and with a bit of luck you might get something you can live with! If you’re really luck you’ll have something you can sell at auction in ten years to help me you move out of New York into small home in upstate New York…Sorry! I’m just thinking out loud here.  I’ve got to get out of New York City before I kill someone at an opening with a corkscrew or broken beer bottle.


Image Caption:

10:07 PM – 30 Sept 2010, 2015
Acrylic on panel
22 x 17.5 x 2 in (55.88 x 44.45 x 5.08 cm)
Courtesy of the Artist and Charlie James Gallery

Benefit Season *Again*
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William Powhida