Grayscale opened on Friday and the work is up through August 6th at Postmasters Gallery, 54 Franklin Street in TriBeca.

Grayscale at Postmasters
Posted by admin on 25 June 2016

Version 2Dear Everyone,


As you may have heard, Jennifer Dalton and I are collaborating on a project called MONTH2MONTH, taking place in two private apartments, one “luxury” housing setting and one “affordable” apartment. Four nights a week for the month of May we will be hosting events, performances and discussions in the apartments on the themes of housing affordability, inequality, race, class, private property, gentrification, displacement, and other reasons living is precarious in NYC. We also held a public lottery for people to stay for free in each of the apartments for 4 days at a time. We are asking the winners to participate in the two events that happen during their stay in the apartments. So it’s sort of like an art residency, and sort of like an Air bnb, and sort of like pandas at the zoo (the events will all be livestreamed).


In order to present a  broad a range of events from serious discussions to satirical or uncomfortable performances to other things we haven’t yet imagined, we are currently soliciting proposals for events in these apartments through an open call. Please send us ideas if there’s something you’d like to do, and/or share this with anyone else you know who may be interested in participating.


Events should be no longer than 90 minutes in duration and will take place May 28 through 31 (Memorial Day Weekend) between 6-8pm.


Submit proposals here




William and Jennifer


PS Read more about the project in CityLab and Brooklyn Magazine

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Democracy presents us with choices, and based on his campaign platform to address wealth and income inequality that could fund programs to support more Americans, I’m voting for Bernie Sanders in the New York State primary. What are the issues that will inform your choice? Make sure you’re registered at

These participatory drawings were commissioned by Spring/Break co-founders Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly for their #BernNYBern rally in the spirit of engaging in democratic dialog about the differences and similarities of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns.  No matter who wins the Democratic Primary, we should all be aware of were the candidates stand on the issues that matter most to us.  Not voting in November because your candidate didn’t win the primary is definitely not an option in the face of the Republican candidates.  We can’t afford four years of destructive and regressive Republican policies, or whatever insane free-market nonsense Donald Trump continues to sell to undereducated Americans motivated by fear of difference and social progress.  Please keep an open mind and show the rest of the country that New York Democrats will be coming out to vote in droves.

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I’m pleased to announce a new collaboration with Jennifer Dalton called MONTH2MONTH, a public art project set in private residences in New York City produced by MoreArt.  The project is an unorthodox framework for discussing the limited access to affordable housing through public lotteries tied to private development.   As a public art project, the audience is structurally limited by the sites, two apartments in Manhattan that symbolize luxury and affordability.  This restricted access reflects part of our larger questions, “Is housing a right or privilege?” and “Is private property OK?”  The public is invited to apply for a free, four-night stay through a lottery as long as the applicants agree to participate in two public events during their stay.  We’ve organized a series of live events, discussions, and performances with an amazing group of artists, activists, performers, and educators to open up these private spaces to a public inquiry into the social, economic, and political dimensions of housing in New York City.  Please visit for more information about the project including applying for a stay or hosting an event through our open call.

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Some Names for Drumpf

Support the 7th Annual Smack Mellon Kentucky Derby Party and Art Auction Sunday May 7th.  Buy a ticket now and you might *win* this drawing.

Some Names for Drumpf
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William Powhida