It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything new here. Social media has largely overtaken blogging as a way for me to (mis)communicate and figure out what’s happening in the (art) world. Still, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are fairly terrible places for actual thought.  Here are some recent essays and interviews that go a bit longer than a series of tweets or status updates.

Artistic success in America means wearing the right old school tie
Despite paying lip service to diversity, New York’s major museums, galleries and university programmes are bound tightly together in a system that favours the privileged -The Art Newspaper

Distribution is 80/20: A Presentation Transcript
Here is a copy of my remarks for the Artist as Debtor Conference at Cooper Union organized by Coco Fusco and Noah Fischer. artanddebt.org

Why Do We Expect Artists to Work for Free? Here’s How We Can Change the System
My Creative Time Reports piece exploring the economic realities and possibilities around artist’s payments.  Creative Time Reports

Pass/Fail/Incomplete Podcast Interview
In which I talk about Alien(s), Capitalism, and the art world with Peter Rostovsky and Oliver Wasow. We banter. -PFI
The Undergang Armchair Podcast Interview
Here I spend some time with Ando discussing the challenges and possibilities for artists working in and around the art market before the opening of my show “Dear Copenhagen” at Gallery Poulsen.  We sat in the storage room in the basement for this one along with my jet lag. -Undergang Armchair 

The Conversation Art Podcast Interview
Michael Shaw asks many questions about my art and I try to formulate answers.  I hope I have not embarrassed myself or slandered any friends.  The Conversation
Image: William Powhida, State 1 – Solidarity Economies, 2014. Copyright William Powhida. Commissioned by Creative Time Reports.
Recent Writing and Interviews
Posted by admin on 1 May 2015

Dear_Copenhagen3Dear_Copenhagen4Dear_Copenhagen1 Dear_Copenhagen2Dear Copenhagen opens today, February 27th, at Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen.  Press release.  Click here for more images from the exhibition.

Dear Copenhagen
Posted by admin on 27 February 2015

Dear Grand Rapids

My exhibition, Unretrospective, which debuted at Platform Gallery this spring has been reconstituted at the Fed Galleries of Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI as part of their exhibition Money Matters. The exhibition is also part of Art Prize, a quasi-democratic art award competition. As part of the Unretrospective, any of my previous works available on my website may be republished in China.

Update: Following the close of Unretrospective republications are no longer available.

Money Matters/Artprize™
Posted by admin on 28 September 2014
Some Recent Drawings
Posted by admin on 1 September 2014

Social Life of Artistic PropertyI’m pleased to announce the self-publication of our book, “The Social Life of Artistic Property” after two and half years of development in between the many other projects of the contributors.  The book is available for purchase or as a free PDF here.  Working with this group of artists and activists helped lead to the development of Placeholder, a long-term, rent-stabilized alternative building ownership model.  Stay tuned for another book release discussion in July.  Many thanks to the CUE Art Foundation for hosting our book launch panel earlier this month. The book is currently an Artnews selectionWe get historical case studies alongside a host of topical issues affecting artists’ abilities to work, such as the French droit de suite, the right to resale royalties of artists and their heirs.”

Cover image by William Powhida,  “Some Studio Externalities” digital drawing, 2014.

The Social Life of Artistic Property
Posted by admin on 25 June 2014

William Powhida