31 August 2010

News: updated November 29, 2017

Art critic Paddy Johnson and I just posted our 5th edition of Explain Me, a podcast we started this summer after finding ourselves with a little bit more time on our hands than usual.  The podcast is available on iTunes and Podbean and released two to three times a month depending on how long Paddy and I talk for about art, politics, and money through the constant haze of generalized anxiety and disappointment about the state of the world.  It’s grim. 

Beyond that, I am about to be unemployed and looking for adjunct teaching work in New York City or something more permanent within a few hours of New York.  I am also interested in arts admin or arts ed jobs. I could also be persuaded to work as an artist at whatever it is your company does.  I would just tell you how terrible your business is until you either quit or find some way of increasing your profits by exploiting more people.   I would be entertaining in meetings, “What we are doing is evil and I don’t believe that we are making life better for anyone. This product is a negative externality of the commodification of desire.”  

Editions and works available:

I currently have two editions of prints available for sale and it would be amazing if you bought one or both of them.  I would be thrilled if you bought either of these.  I would like to commodify my dissent and make sure I call it art.  

What is Art? 
Suite of 12 archival digital prints on paper
11″ x `14″
Available for $800 through Platform Gallery

What is an artist?
16″ x 20″
Edition of 30
Available for $950 through Bert Green Fine Art 

Upcoming/Current Exhibitions
Pulse Miami with Gallery Poulsen, December 
Untitled art fair with Postmasters Gallery, December
Solo show at Charlie James Gallery, January 2018

Past Exhibitions

For Words, LABspace, Hillsdale, NY (curated by Ghost of A Dream
Altfacts, Postmasters Gallery, NY, NY 
The Times, Flag Foundation, NY, NY
After the Contemporary, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT
Art on Paper New York, Gallery Poulsen, NY, NY
THEM, curated by Lynn Sullivan, Spring/Break

Making Progress: Project Artspace, NY, NY
Art on Paper Bozar, Charlie James Gallery, Bozar, Brussels
, Postmasters Gallery, NY, June 24th – August 6th, 2016
POULSEN’S FIFTEEN – NEW ART FROM NEW YORK – PART VII, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, DE June 17th – August 7th, 2016
Month2Month, a collaborative public art project with Jennifer Dalton produced by MoreArt, May 2016
‘Show Me The Money: The Image of Finance, 1700 to the Present’, The People’s History Museum, Manchester, UK

PULSE Miami, Gallery Poulsen
Mediations, Charlie James Gallery, Through December 5th, LA
Sleight of Hand, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, September 25 – November 27, 2015
Occupational Therapy, CAM St. Louis, May 1st – August 15.  Curated by Kelly Shindler.
Contextual Abstraction, Peter Blake Gallery, LA, March 21st – May 2nd. 
Dear Copenhagen, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark. February 27th – March 28th
The Copenhagen Interpretation, Lodge Gallery, March 3rd – April 4th


Press: Enter “William Powhida” into Google.

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