#carolvogel #dancolen: The Complete Essay
13 September 2010
  1. @jmatthewriva you are awake, and i’m finished#areyouamonster?
  2. Phillips de Pury Limps to the Finish With a $7 Million Totalhttp://nyti.ms/cILeI1so #carolvogel can write auctions and influence them?
  3. Art Prices (and Mood) Inch Back Uphttp://nyti.ms/9z6dpe#carolvogel
  4. Phillips de Pury Limps to the Finish With a $7 Million Totalhttp://nyti.ms/cILeI1 #carolvogel
  5. xArt Prices (and Mood) Inch Back Up http://nyti.ms/9z6dpe#carolvoegel reporter, telling you what the art world buys like#dan colen
  6. Bronzino Is Given His Museum Moment http://nyti.ms/dx0tLI#carolvogel not @bravotv you fucking leechwhore
  7. Playing Sculpture ‘I Spy’ in New York’s Cityscapehttp://nyti.ms/briYiB
  8. @jmatthewriva I am trying to unperplex, resolve the paradoxes, expect I’m a fucking idiot and that’s impossible. good luck with ur monster
  9. New Prize To Honor Artists Under 35 ,http://bit.ly/cjWuq6#carolvogel
  10. A Record for Rembrandt http://nyti.ms/btbF5Y #carolvogel#record
  11. Playing Sculpture ‘I Spy’ in New York’s Cityscapehttp://nyti.ms/briYiB #carolvogel #dancolen
  12. New Prize To Honor Artists Under 35 “the Jesus Award”http://bit.ly/cjWuq6 #carolvogel
  13. @jmatthewriva Go way back. This is about #carolvogelsucking #gagosian cock
  14. What Gagosian wants “A Record for Rembrandt” or Colenhttp://nyti.ms/btbF5Y #carolvogel
  15. $13.5. Million for Self-Portrait http://nyti.ms/93ESM3 if that doesn’t suck, well you got #vogeled
  16. Reality Leaves a Fingerprint on the Biennialhttp://nyti.ms/aipMPR #carolvogel doesnt review shows, she re-reads press releases
  17. “hey man, i think you got vogeled on that deal.”
  18. Armory Shows Imperiled, While Other Fairs Adjusthttp://nyti.ms/aQ1FBB #carolvogel
  19. Casino Chief Is Said to Be Rembrandt’s New Ownerhttp://bit.ly/9V3Gf6 #carolvogel who could forget this.#dancolen
  20. @AntiPainter I drank the wat\er and bathed in #carolvogel
  21. New hashtag for calling bullshit #carolvogel
  22. Casino Chief Is Said to Be Rembrandt’s New Ownerhttp://bit.ly/9V3Gf6 #carolvogel
  23. Sometimes #carolvogel compiles things…I will skip them. and fuck you #dancolen
  24. @PAPILLIONART you can go to bed.
  25. ARTS, BRIEFLY; Michael Jackson Tribute Has Been Canceled She loves pop http://bit.ly/ah3b4W #carolvogel
  26. @FakeGagosian I give you this … ARTS, BRIEFLY; Contract for Theater Service Workershttp://bit.ly/9plVnU #carolvogel
  27. @rachelmatos his work is awful. Please feel free to repsond with your analysis. #colenblows
  28. Back to my dismantaling of #carolvogel When Famous Owners Sell Famous Paintings http://nyti.ms/94ldHp #carolvogelwhen you #fail
  29. @FakeGagosian how’s the humidity in hell?
  30. Soon You Can Hail an Artist as You Hail a Cabhttp://nyti.ms/9pIXEy Soon you can hail #carolvogel to write your feature
  31. Getty Museum Director to Leave Post This Monthhttp://nyti.ms/9FWTFO #carolvogel #dancolen
  32. In Los Angeles, an Urge to Purgehttp://nyti.ms/bTwZkr#carolvogel #dancolen sounds right #holegallery
  33. A Lady, Not by Leonardo, Retains an Expensive Allure not#dancolen http://nyti.ms/bhs22B #carolvogel
  34. ARTS, BRIEFLY; New Chief To Be Named For Los Angeles Museum http://bit.ly/9nK39H #carolvogel
  35. Los Angeles Museum Taps Dealer as Directorhttp://nyti.ms/aimE4P #carolvogel #fail
  36. Bringing Some Whimsy to Construction Siteshttp://nyti.ms/cZGq5O #carolvogel
  37. Metropolitan Museum Finds a Bald Manhttp://nyti.ms/c9XvkO #carolvogel
  38. got shut down, for awhile. 3:25 am
  39. oh, am I free? No, 2:17am
  40. Woman Collides With a Picasso http://nyti.ms/9DHWuj#carolvogel #value? A critic collides with a shitty artist?#dancolen
  41. @jaschaffer I’m ruining this thing to say something about it. This is not funny. It is awful. #carolvogel #dancolen
  42. Questions Over Fixing Torn Picasso http://nyti.ms/b3TQ9V I have questions over fixing a torn #dancolen at #gagosian
  43. @jaschaffer there only a few #instances available. For the rest, no rest.
  44. @j_d_hastings you are smart. Go unpack #dancolen#gagosian #carolvogel #nytimes #thefixisin #burnit
  45. @powhidaAsst You go in there and say “I am carrying gold. GOLD!” and show that shit to whatever proxy steps up#gogoisinparis
  46. @marzkim I have two consciences. We can’t say who you are talking to. I can’t. He won’t.
  47. @powhidaAsst you know we are sending them to our mole in LA. #gogo
  48. @jaschaffer Just know she is reporter doing Gagosian’s press for #dancolen. She writes about a living artist once in a hundred….
  49. Mona Lisa She Is Not, but Coveted Nonethelesshttp://nyti.ms/cFErEh #carolvogel er, #dancolen?
  50. At London Sale, a Giacometti Sets a Recordhttp://nyti.ms/9rXMBu #carolvogel she must be stopped
  51. @jaschaffer Carol Vogel shouldn’t be writing the press release for Gagosian in the NY Times. I aim to show why.
  52. At London Sale, a Giacometti Sets a Recordhttp://nyti.ms/9rXMBu #carolvogel is helping Gagosian get#dancolen there
  53. INSIDE ART; O! Say, You Can Bid On a Johnshttp://bit.ly/dinwv0 #carolvogel art reporter #dancolen
  54. Anyway, more #carolvogel From That Instant Thrill, Enduring Art, Now for Sale http://nyti.ms/9MB1HM
  55. I whored myself a bit tonight. Team Gallery and Winkleman. the last was a closing. #3shows
  56. So, if you’re just coming back from whoring yourself at openings. I mean to discredit #carolvogel and her bit on#dancolen
  57. @powhidaAsst Read the Times. Man, you are failing. Its about#dancolen
  58. @marzkim they should make you want to get gasoline, a knife, some rope, and a map of New York.
  59. See It, Feel It, Touch It, Climb It http://nyti.ms/bPFy4C Oh#carolvogel is this what you want to really say about#dancolen? I think so
  60. The Torrent That Flowed in Picasso’s Final Yearshttp://nyti.ms/azvACb #carolvogel still connecting Picasso with #dancolen
  61. @powhidaAsst Carol Vogel: an art world ass hugger.
  62. Carol Vogel should not be writing about a living artist for a blue chip gallery period. PERIOD. We fucking #FAIL
  63. @powhidaAsst Start spamming the world with the last#carolvogel articles you can find. I’m on page 8 of search returns.
  64. The Torrent That Flowed in Picasso’s Final Yearshttp://nyti.ms/azvACb mmm, really? #carolvogel from Picasso to #dancolen for eternity
  65. INSIDE ART; Blinky Palermo’s American Tourhttp://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9906EEDF103EF935A15751C0A9669D8B63&ref=carol_vogel
  66. Met Show Completes Its Set of Bronzinoshttp://nyti.ms/cBy9yb #carolvogel also writes about#dancolen today.
  67. @artbystander you are in my way. #ragenotanger
  68. Christie’s Wins Bid to Auction $150 Million Brody Collectionhttp://nyti.ms/90xBd3 #carolvogel #dancolen
  69. @artbystander step down from the ladder my friend. Time is short. You know where to go. It’s not there.
  70. Just in case anyone missed she basically reports on art news and auctions. Maybe #Dancolen is a fucking product worthy of her words….
  71. Back to my assault on Carol Vogel’s integrity. She should not be Gagosian’s PR whorelet. Not now, not ever. #dancolen
  72. @artbystander We’ve never been in a club. Seriously. Shitty bars, yes. Club? No.
  73. Met Show Completes Its Set of Bronzinoshttp://nyti.ms/cBy9yb #carolvogel
  74. Christie’s Wins Bid to Auction $150 Million Brody Collectionhttp://nyti.ms/90xBd3 oh#carolvogel
  75. INSIDE ART; A U.S. Moment For Yves Kleinhttp://bit.ly/bgxzUF #carolvogel
  76. Maastricht Treasure Hunt Lures Collectorshttp://nyti.ms/bT4sD3 #carolvogel Not a Colen hunt?
  77. @artbystander you’re one of the angriest people I know.
  78. @artbystander My anger is like your food. Right now, it fuels a close look at how awful art can be. #carolvogel #dancolen
  79. Ok, drunkheads. Hope you had a good night. Carol Vogel annointed Dan Colen with a NY Times feature. Just showing what she does normally.
  80. MUSEUMS SPECIAL SECTION; The New Guard Steps Uphttp://bit.ly/cFN2sF and critics like #carolvogel don’t.
  81. wow. Lloyd Webber’s Picasso Finally Set for Auctionhttp://nyti.ms/9DusdH #carolvogel maintains auction values#dancolen
  82. What would Phillip say? A Conversation With Philippe de Montebello http://nyti.ms/cebMmr #carolvogel #dancolen
  83. Planting a Johns ‘Flag’ in a Private Collection er, planting#dancolen in #gagosion http://nyti.ms/a6lZ6a
  84. Interlopers on the Skyline http://nyti.ms/9qDoJQ #carolvogel
  85. J. M. W. Turner’s Last Rome Painting to Be Soldhttp://nyti.ms/9keYXf #carolvogel
  86. Rothko play review 2-Man Cast Shares Stage With a Vivid Character http://nyti.ms/bE9Dbo #carolvogel harsh critic#dancolen
  87. INSIDE ART; Two Top Galleries Are One No More #carolvogel
  88. Met Will Finally Show a Picasso He Disownedhttp://nyti.ms/dl1bF9 #carolvogel writes about picasso alot. Now #dancolen!!! amazing
  89. oooh, juicy Rift in Family as Whitney Plans a Second Homehttp://nyti.ms/bkaOwX #carolvogel #dancolen
  90. Whitney Heads for the High Line http://nyti.ms/9y5Bml And more #carolvogel in depth reporting
  91. After Repairs, a Picasso Returns http://nyti.ms/bpYtWX.#carolvogel That’s just crazy. Tell me more about Dan Colen. He’s like Picasso..
  92. A Jungle of Bamboo Is Growing Atop the Methttp://nyti.ms/b75UJL it’s not a review of a beloved piece, just press. #carolvogel
  93. A Late Picasso Goes to Auction http://nyti.ms/9L7lEh did anyone have to write that? #carolvogel did. #dancolen
  94. Tweaking a Name in Long Island City http://nyti.ms/9kqGYtoh, rebranding #carolvogel #dancolen
  95. @black_von If I drew all the back doors, you wouldn’t be able to see the ground…
  96. @Stottle There’s millions of dollars that make what I think and what you think about Colen’s work fucking irrelavent.
  97. The Blue-Chip Period http://bit.ly/bD5Qbn #carolvogel this is may favorite title yet
  98. At $106.5 Million, a Picasso Sets an Auction Recordhttp://nyti.ms/8Y4EpY #carolvogel i feel sick
  99. ARTSBEAT; A More Sober Follow-Up To a Record Auction Night http://bit.ly/bVFd25 #carolvogel you are #dancolen‘s auction date
  100. Emily Fisher Landau Pledges 367 Artworks to Whitneyhttp://nyti.ms/9MeWb0 #carolvogel
  101. Who loves an auction star? Manet Self-Portrait: New Star on the Block http://bit.ly/bggSxI #carolvogel does and she’s making one #dancolen
  102. Aw sweet. At the Morgan, Gently Restoring A Treasure-Filled Building http://bit.ly/coZ8na #carolvogel #dancolen
  103. At Christie’s, a $28.6 Million Bid Sets a Record for Johnshttp://bit.ly/d9bgUw #carolvogel #dancolen
  104. @black_von he did The Nest with his dead friend at Deitch.#hegotofftheshit
  105. Do you get what she does? At Christie’s, a $28.6 Million Bid Sets a Record for Johns http://bit.ly/d9bgUw #carolvogel#dancolen
  106. Warhol and Rothko Lead a Big Night at Sotheby’shttp://nyti.ms/bO3GnO #carolvogel #dancolen
  107. Art Auction Highlights a Financial Downfallhttp://nyti.ms/aftUPC Why is she allowed to write about#dancolen#carolvogel
  108. INSIDE ART; Matthew Barney Series Now Has Two Homes Shocker. http://bit.ly/aRdx4L #carolvogel isn’t annointing#dancolen
  109. The Ocean Blue as Art Abstract museum reporting…http://nyti.ms/cGU4hy #carolvogel #dancolen
  110. @BLDProject sorry.
  111. more reporting Motion Against Gallery Is Rejectedhttp://nyti.ms/atCOrB #carolvogel #nytimes
  112. @artlthr this is for everyone who thinks Gagosian is full of shit.
  113. On (Surprisingly Quiet) Parisian Night, a Picasso and a Matisse Go Out the Window more from the auction househttp://nyti.ms/d7ZebK #vogel
  114. @BLDProject you’re a bot or an idiot.
  115. No, seriously… Michael Jackson Sleepover Tributehttp://nyti.ms/984SIZ #carolvogel
  116. Now, back to Carol Vogel, taste maker Lohan Avoids Arresthttp://nyti.ms/cdzFj7
  117. @artlthr I have to do this. #dancolen is the worst thing about the art world and this article is the artworld at its worst.
  118. Serious criticism U2 Tour Thrown Off By Injury To Bonohttp://nyti.ms/du6ftO #carolvogel
  119. Whitney Museum Plans New Building Downtownhttp://nyti.ms/dlQ1YS #carolvogel
  120. But, this is about Carol Vogel writing a #nytimes press release for #gagosian gallery.
  121. I hate Dan Colen btw, worst artist of the aughts. Gagosian?! The silver man fucked up this time.
  122. Funny. Phillips de Pury Wants to Make a Big Splashhttp://nyti.ms/cAP8yS #carolvogel is the only way #dancolenmakes the NYTIMES
  123. @hydeordie Carol Vogel, the art world reporter, wrote a feature on Dan Colen. Fuck this shit. She’s not a critic. This is an inside job.
  124. Really?? Christie’s Alters Gallery Managementhttp://nyti.ms/b6w1t8 And Carol Vogel can write about an artist? #dancolen
  125. Lehman Plans Auction of Its Modern Artworkshttp://nyti.ms/adnheN and Gagosian’s collectors plan auction of #dancolen Saturday.
  126. Enclosing a Frick Portico Would Create a Galleryhttp://nyti.ms/aTdIWd Way better story than #dancolen#carolvogel
  127. reporter. Guggenheim and YouTube Seek Budding Video Artists http://nyti.ms/97JO28 #carolvogel #dancolen
  128. !!! Business Is Brisk at Basel Art Fair http://nyti.ms/bbqnQY#carolvogel #dancolen and business will be frisk at Gagosian.
  129. Even for Picasso, Bidding Stays Cautious in London Auctionshttp://bit.ly/duDRNy #carolvogel #dancolen
  130. So why is Carol Vogel really featuring Dan Colen? The art world is transparent.
  131. It’s back ARTS, BRIEFLY; Getty Buys Turner’s ‘Modern Rome’ For $44.9. Million http://bit.ly/acpl91#carolvogel #dancolen
  132. I’ll wait. #fuckyou #NYtimes
  133. http://nyti.ms/dAJFUZ The Carol Vogel search feed just stopped returning results. If you can get them, post them,
  134. Manet Self-Portrait Sells at Low End of Estimates at Sotheby’shttp://nyti.ms/a4wGH3 #carolvogel #dancolen
  135. @Stottle It’s not a review its an auction booster #carolvogelNow go read the NY Times
  136. Auctions! Even for Picasso, Bidding Stays Cautious in London Auctions http://nyti.ms/cJG7OF #carolvogel loves #gagosianloves #dancolen
  137. @JHerbertArtist One thing at a time. This one has me apopleptic.
  138. more reporting Jean Nouvel and Wolfgang Tillmans at Serpentine http://nyti.ms/dBo30F #carolvogel #dancolen#gagosian
  139. Saatchi Says He’ll Give Britain His Gallery and Over $37 Million in Art http://bit.ly/az4SmD #carolvogel #dancolen #gagosian
  140. INSIDE ART; Picasso Show In London Is a Family Affair (you think?) http://nyti.ms/cJG7OF #carolvogel
  141. ARTS, BRIEFLY; Getty Buys Turner’s ‘Modern Rome’ For $44.9. Million http://bit.ly/acpl91 #carolvogel #dancolen
  142. Well, she took a stab at Matisse…INSIDE ART; Fresh Perspective On Familiar Pop Master http://bit.ly/bF7N58 oh the inside #carolvogel
  143. Electronic Insights Into Matisse’s Techniquehttp://nyti.ms/bFU3uE #carolvogel #nytimes
  144. INSIDE ART; Cartoons Are Invading the Upper East Sidehttp://bit.ly/b2aYqu #carolvogel #dancolen
  145. I’m going to spend the next few hours reposting all of#carolvogel‘s articles to remind you she’s a high profile gossip columnist for Art.
  146. So Carol Vogel is the only hack at the #nytimes that Gagosian could get to feature Dan Colen. This feature is worse than mine.
  147. Jury Selected for YouTube Play Videos http://nyti.ms/bn44d2#carolvogel
  148. A Town House for ‘Hedda Gabler’ http://nyti.ms/aqYpEb#carolvogel
  149. Dressing Up a Construction Site http://nyti.ms/cUNnJ5#carolvogel
  150. Berlin Gives Facelift to Moore Sculpturehttp://nyti.ms/9h4R37 #carolvogel
  151. Peak Performances Announces New Seasonhttp://nyti.ms/byigYu #carolvogel
  152. Hungary Is Sued Over Large Holocaust Art Claimhttp://nyti.ms/bnr6M0 #carolvogel
  153. @JHerbertArtist She’s the only writer working for the NY Times who would ever write a feature about Dan Colen for Gagosian
  154. @JHerbertArtist She is the whore of the rich and she just annointed Dan Colen in the NY Times.
  155. ‘New Photography 2010’ Coming to MoMAhttp://nyti.ms/9Robkt #carolvogel
  156. Boon For Broad Museum: Millions From Developershttp://nyti.ms/a7PKKs #carolvogel
  157. At Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas, Yoko’s on Viewhttp://nyti.ms/ah5u2C #carolvogel #dancolen
  158. Tate Modern Expands, Despite Economy http://nyti.ms/cJr1L3#carolvogel
  159. Art Team Represents U.S. at 2011 Venice Biennalehttp://nyti.ms/9GzMI9 #carolvogel
  160. ‘Divine Comedy’ Exhibition at Sotheby’shttp://nyti.ms/9abbFK #carolvogel
  161. Art Collection To Be Sold http://nyti.ms/cfW2Xd
  162. Carol just wrote a long article about Dan Colen. Before you read it, let’s look at Carol Vogel’s history in the arts. You be the judge.
  163. Now, twitter, pay attention. I am going to be here for awhile. Unfollow at any point. The subject is Carol Vogel.
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