Property & Education
11 November 2013

Jennifer McCoy joined me in hosting a discussion around higher education in the arts at Joe Riley, Casey Golan, and Victoria Sobel’s class They Can’t Kill Us All at Bruce High Quality Foundation. Here’s the introductory text.

I also recently published a rather long-read on individual and collective property ownership on Big, Red, and Shiny.  I have to thank editor John Pyper for prodding me to contribute to the journal.  The piece was inspired by the work I’ve been doing with Jules deBalincourt, Paddy Johnson, and Lynn Sullivan to create stable studio space in New York.  I also contributed a drawing proposal “The Yellow Building” to’s project Envision NY 2017.

Artist Caroline Woolard also recently shared a link to her project bfamfaphd about organizing artists to make alternative investments in their own education and working conditions. Woolard’s project brings together these two incredibly important issues for artists and non-artists; property and education.


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