#Overculture reviewed
28 April 2014

Take away the term’s mock lexicality (itself a parody of artspeak) and you have a staggering précis of today’s top-down creative churn.`

-Christian Viveros-Faune, “William Powhida Christens the “Overculture“, Village Voice


All of this suggests that resistance to “overculture”, whether in art or in writing, is noble but ultimately futile.

-Karen Rosenberg, “Glimpses of the Past and a High-Tech Future: A Critic’s Gallery Crawl Through Soho and Tribeca“, The New York Times


 This work, like 2011’s “Griftopia,” suggests an ambition to find a way to articulate our vertiginous moment without stinting on its complexity, a graphic format with the potential to become an art of everything.

-Thomas Micchelli, “Like It Is: William Powhida at Postmasters“, Hyperallergic


The self-awareness of this show and its high level of skill left me with a sense for Powhida that was ultimately more profound and somber than comic.


-James Panero, Gallery Chronicle, The New Criterion


Photo Credit: Installation view, “William Powhida: Overculture” at Postmasters Gallery (photo by the Thomas Micchelli for Hyperallergic)

Installation view, “William Powhida: Overculture” at Postmasters Gallery (photo by the author for Hyperallergic)

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