30 April 2014


For the duration of my show, Unretrospective, in Money Matters Kendall College of Art and Design  you can order an authenticated “POWHIDA” republication from any JPEG* available on my website. Please browse my online catalog and send an email to with your request(s).  Please use the following format for ordering (You can copy and paste it right into an email to


  • File Name:
    (Please control+click/right-click on the thumbnail image and copy the Image URL ie
  • Desired Size (Max width or height in inches):
  • Safe for Work (Yes or No):
  • Stretched (Yes or No):


Please allow 1-3 business days for the Stephen to provide you with a price quote (stretching will cost extra).  A deposit for half of the republication will be required to begin production in ShenZhen, China.  You can expect to receive your oil painted JPEG and a certificate of authenticity within 4 – 6 weeks.  There’s one painter…one…willing to do reproduce my work.

* Each JPEG will be altered slightly by me and the Chinese painter who works on these.


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