The Social Life of Artistic Property
25 June 2014

Social Life of Artistic Property
I’m pleased to announce the self-publication of our book, “The Social Life of Artistic Property” after two and half years of development in between the many other projects of the contributors.  The book is available for purchase or as a free PDF here.  Working with this group of artists and activists helped lead to the development of Placeholder, a long-term, rent-stabilized alternative building ownership model.  Stay tuned for another book release discussion in July.  Many thanks to the CUE Art Foundation for hosting our book launch panel earlier this month. The book is currently an Artnews selectionWe get historical case studies alongside a host of topical issues affecting artists’ abilities to work, such as the French droit de suite, the right to resale royalties of artists and their heirs.”

Cover image by William Powhida,  “Some Studio Externalities” digital drawing, 2014.

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