Dash Snow vs Neo-Nazis?
9 October 2007

Dear Dash Snow,

If you happen to be in London again this year for Frieze, please skip the masturbatory celebration of Capitalism and go fight the good fight in Lund, Sweden. Watching some skinheads destroy Serrano’s photographs made me ill. Clearly, now, I understand the importance of your art. I’ve never found anything deviant or socially unacceptable about your work, I just don’t understand how you rocketed to success for partying. It’s time to rally for art and free expression. Get over there Dash, and bring your A-team. Throw an epic party and invite the neo-nazis. Show them what it’s all about. Fashion vs Fascism, I think you guys can take the skinheads. Show some ass, fuck a whore, do some coke, eat some shrooms, bring your wife and daughter and battle the skinheads (Be sure to hire some muscle to fuck them up though, in case they bring axes and crowbars). It’s time to stop the symbolic resistance against whatever it is you resist here, and give a live demonstration of free, uninhibited expression, motherfucker. Make up for the ironic swastika graffiti at Deitch and get crazy on their reactionary asses.

I’d do it if I had the cash. Fucking skinheads.


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