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30 November 2007


Kevin Keck

Author Kevin Keck officially names penis “Allah”

Charlotte, NC, Nov. 30
– Author Kevin Keck has officially named his penis “Allah” as a show of solidarity with Gillian Gibbons, a British School teacher who was jailed on November 25 in Sudan for allowing her class to name a teddy bear “Allah.” He is the first author to address the censorship of radical Islam by naming a portion of his body after He who is the One True God.

Regarding his decision, Kevin Keck has stated, “It was very hard. My penis has gone by various names in the past, such as Senor Mandingo, The Pope of Pubic Village, and Bobby. Also, for a few hours while driving through Connecticut, I referred to him as Uncle Wiggly. But I never thought of any of these names as permanent or appropriate. However, when I thought about what I could do as an individual to protest this miscarriage of justice, I realized I could finally stop beating around the bush and give my penis a proper name.”

Kevin Keck says he does not fear any reprisal from the Islamic community. “No one from the Islamic world has ever seen my penis. If a Muslim did see it, it would be immediately clear that my penis does nothing but honor the name ‘Allah.’ Also my penis typically hangs in the direction of Mecca.”

Even though Gillian Gibbons is a British citizen, Kevin Keck urges Americans to write their congresspersons and ask that the United States speak out against this form of religiously sanctioned oppression. However, Kevin Keck wishes to stress that he is not anti-Islam. “On the contrary, I personally believe everyone would be a lot happier if they accepted Allah in the end.”


Kevin Keck is the author of Oedipus Wrecked, a short memoir of sexual humiliation and failure. His latest book, Are You There God? It’s Me. Kevin. will be available from Bloomsbury in February 2008.

I love press releases.

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