Thomas’s Miami Diary
9 December 2007

My assistant Thomas Seely, co-star of A Study For Sofia Coppola’s Film ‘Powhida’, has been keeping a Miami diary about his first encounter with the art fair mayhem. He has been posting updates for NYarts magazine about the best and the worst. He also has some great quotes overheard from dealers, artists, and collectors. While I came to Miami to not work, at all, Thomas has been hard at work…when he isn’t swimming in his underwear after midnight.

I’m simply exhausted from shameless self-promotion and heavy drinking with heavy weight drinkers. I can’t call this a vacation, it has been fairly brutal on me, but I managed to stagger through Pulse, Aqua, NADA, Scope, and parts of Basel from the containers to Art Supernova. Thomas managed to capture most of the notable work that we encountered, a sobering number of works actually. What Miami does best is provide a glimpse into the vastness of the art world and its hierarchies.

I’ll get back to this, but now I need a beer.

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