Caucus @ Schroeder Romero
19 January 2008

I’m a horrible self-promoter. I actually have some work up in New York for all you William Powhida enemies, er, I mean FANS. The New York Enemy/Ally Project is now complete at Schroeder Romero. The SchroRo ‘Ho’s’, as they were nominated by Janet Phelps1 , are the winning allies with a 91% certainty rating. I guess giving people free booze is a good way to make friends. Well, that and showing me.

Rudy Giuliani, presidential hopeful, was the most clear cut enemy, with a near sterling certainty index of 97%. No matter how people felt about the art world nominees, nearly everyone one voted for the Republican ghoul as an enemy. Apparently, the art world hasn’t forgotten his attack on the Brooklyn Museum for Sensation, a show he hadn’t seen when he got all indignant and morally superior.

While I hope the project resonates on different levels, at the very least it re-affirmed my belief in humanity. While I am thrilled so many people find Patrick Mimran (84.74%) and Dash Snow (84.31%) repugnant they are pretty much harmless products of our hero worshipping, celebrity obsessed society unlike Giuliani who would plunge the world into a new dark age by using fear as an instrument of control and a premise for war. I can’t think of anyone who is more ideologically and morally corrupt that Giuliani, so I hope this is the only contest he wins in 2008. Wait, Bush is certainly as evil as Rudy, but I think Giuliani is potentially much worse. Bush has always been spoiled and certain of his power, but Giuliani would morph into something hideous given so much authority.

Anyways, come check out the show, if not for me, then for all the other excellent artists, including Eric Heist (the artist I want to be when I grow up), Michael Waugh (co-curator), Jen Dalton (the artist I should do battle with), David Wojnarowicz (how amazing is it to be in the same fucking gallery?), and Laura Parnes.

(above: Eric Heist’s sculpture,
left, Jen Dalton’s participatory installation)

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