Dear Anonymous
13 February 2008

The following comment was recently posted by an anonymous enemy:

you know your work is at about the same level, right? making a joke about another shitty artist does not make your work less of a joke.
you are mimram without the money for a billboard. –anonymous

Well, There’s that and then there’s David Joselit’s opinion in the current issue of Artforum regarding my painting “Ganek Acquires Powhida” in a show called Air Kissing curated by Sasha Archibald. The show opened last fall at Momenta Art in Brooklyn and is scheduled to open in March at Arcadia University outside of Philadelphia. It’s an excellent show that engages the contemporary art world from multiple angles. While I often find myself thinking similar thoughts as anonymous, Joselit’s words are a reminder that William Powhida exists largely as a perception.

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