Air Kissing Travels to Arcadia University
29 February 2008

Sasha Archibald’s show Air Kissing is opening Wednesday March 5th at the Arcadia University Art Gallery in Philadelphia.

March 5 at 6:30 p.m, Arcadia University Theatre, Spruance Fine Arts Center. Panel discussion with exhibition curator Sasha Archibald and participating artists James Mills, William Powhida, Mira Schor, and Momenta Art co-director and artist Laura Parnes. Opening reception to follow immediately afterward in the gallery.

The question seems to be should I try and talk about methods of institutional critique or be a method of institutional critique? I think the latter would be a lot more interesting. If you happen to be in Philly Wednesday night I encourage to come out and participate in the discussion. For further reading see Tyler Green’s Q&A with Sasha on Modern Art Notes.

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