Fucking Whitney Biennial, Again
11 March 2008

So I’m in the midst of working on a proposal for Art Positions, the shipping container corner of the ABMB, and I can’t help but think about how pissed I am about not being in the Biennial, but then again I’m always pissed off so it doesn’t really ruin my day most days. Anyway, everyone always hates the Biennial. I didn’t find much to like in the last go around, except encountering Dash Snow and thinking, “Hey, look, something vaguely political!” It’s a shame he turned out to be such a douchebag. Normally, I’d take people’s word that this one also sucks, but I draw the line at listening to anything The New York Post says. (I read the Sports section, it’s a quarter, and sometimes I flip through the rest to see what the enemy is thinking so I can mimic empathy with conservative types)

I caught a review of the Biennial and thought ‘what the fuck is the Post doing covering the Biennial?’ Sarah Schmerler laughs off the entire thing with the exception of Cheyney Thompson, Omer Fast, and one other artist. Great. Now I feel compelled to go see the show. I guess it’s just too easy to dismiss the Biennial. If the Post is going to make fun of it, then I’ll have to go see it. After all Schmerler says it’s the art fairs, auction houses, and collectors that define the art world. What’s that Sarah?! Your saying it’s all about market? Well, we’d all better hope 400 points and $200 Billion is enough.

Or we could say fuck the market…

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