Momenta Benefit Auction
18 May 2008


The annual Momenta Benefit Auction at White Columns is only three days away. The auction and raffle of works starts at 5 pm, and this year I donated an AP of my mystery print done in conjunction with the LES Print Shop. If you are looking to try and acquire a cheap Powhida, tickets for the event are only $225. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to start collecting contemporary art. There are still 45 tickets left for the raffle, which will guarantee you an art work from a list including Joe Amrhein, Sari Carel, Joy Garnett, Kate Gilmore, Larry Krone, Emily Noelle Lambert, Thomas Lendvai, Carl Pope, Ryan Schneider, and Javier Pinon to mention a few artists whose work I admire.

So, if you haven’t a bought a ticket yet, please help support one of the most vital n0n-profit spaces in New York. Momenta continues to provide an alternative venue for underrepresented artists and a platform for thought-provoking exhibitions. This is an important opportunity to help keep the art world honest, after all art isn’t all about careerism and money. It’s a philosophy, and Momenta asks the difficult questions. Call it a conscience.

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