Benefit Season *Again*
10 March 2016

It’s basically spring in New York and that means it’s benefit season until summer gets here.  I’m happy to be making an effort to support ARTFCITY, Momenta Art, and Smack Mellon this year.  This painting is available through Paddle8 or at the ARTFCITY Spring/Brk Fundraiser at Otto’s Shrunken Head Tuesday March, 15th.  Even if you’re not able to layout $2k to support Paddy and the blog, you can still support these awesome arts organizations by purchasing a ticket.  Seriously, as museums increasingly rely on commercial galleries, we need non-profit arts writing and exhibition spaces, so we don’t see the same artists from the same galleries.
Now that Art Fair Week Part 1: The Destruction of the Middle is over, think about spending a fraction of what it would cost to buy my garbage awesome art or any art fair art and buy tickets for these great events.  Paddy’s hosting a wet t-shirt contest for manboob, Momenta and Smack Mellon’s tickets guarantee you a piece of art and with a bit of luck you might get something you can live with! If you’re really luck you’ll have something you can sell at auction in ten years to help me you move out of New York into small home in upstate New York…Sorry! I’m just thinking out loud here.  I’ve got to get out of New York City before I kill someone at an opening with a corkscrew or broken beer bottle.


Image Caption:

10:07 PM – 30 Sept 2010, 2015
Acrylic on panel
22 x 17.5 x 2 in (55.88 x 44.45 x 5.08 cm)
Courtesy of the Artist and Charlie James Gallery

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