NADA County Affair
23 July 2008

Jade Townsend and I will be selling lemonade at the NADA County Affair this Saturday from noon till 6pm on 27th Street between 11th and 12th Ave. In order to facilitate the sale of lemonade, Jade and I will be offering hand drawn cups, free art career advice, and whatever else strikes us as necessary to move our product. Please ask us about the lemonade special. Our mobile art crate lemonade stand will be located outside Schroeder Romero Gallery, or the most advantageous place to push lemonade on the public. Please come by and help us earn enough money to recover our investment and perhaps a little extra so we can get drunk Saturday night. It’s been a very long, hot summer and everyone could use a little lemonade.

See the Press Release below for more reasons to come out Saturday and make fun of art.

The New Art Dealer’s Alliance (NADA) is organizing an event for 27th street that follows the theme of an art oriented county fair, and will be called “NADA’s County Affair”. It will consist of artist run game booths, swap meet, tag sales, live entertainment, DJs and a benefit raffle! The goal of this event is to create a fun “block party” type event, which both NADA members and their artists will be invited to participate in, as well as engage the general art-going public. We thought that this would be a great first time NADA summer public event. The event will occupy approximately half the block, sidewalk, and one lane of 27th street between 11th and 12th Avenues.

Participants include:

John Connelly Presents – Tag Sale, and Mungo Thomson’s Bouncy House
Matt Bua ( Derek Eller Gallery )- The Architectural Cribbage Design Table
Martha Friedman ( Wallspace )
Jeffrey Tranchell – YouTube curated playlists
Kim Holleman – “Trailer Park”
BoBo’s on 27th Street ( Foxy Productions )
William Powhida and Jade Townsend ( Schroeder Romero ) – “Lemonade Stand”
Schroeder Romero – Armchair Quarterback
Sweet Tooth of the Tiger – Renegade Bake Sale and Face Painting
Sara VanDerBeek and Anya Kielar ( Guild & Greyshkul Gallery ) – Jewelry, postcards, friendship pins
Justin Tripp, Ryan Foerster and Shawn Kuruneru – Zines
Andrea Smith ( Zieher and Smith ) – Tag sale
Nicelle Beauchene Gallery – Make your own Shrinky Dink crafts
Elizabeth Lovero and Jesse Bransford – Tarot Card Readings
Scott Hug/K48 – Tag sale, K48’s and Merch
The Gamble of Life by Jacques Louis Ramon Vidal ( Sunday
Jerry Bibby ( Cleopatra’s )
Little Cakes
Zak Kitnick – Oriental Trader
Liz Luisada ( Klaus von Nichssagend )
Ronna Lebo – Tag sale
Color Wheel
Alexia Lewis and Peggy Jo
Pabustan from the performance group “Vos”
Bob Linder – DJ
Ceci Moss – DJ
Joshua Smith and Jennifer Teets – Advice for a Quarter. Like Lucy in the Peanuts.

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