The Ballot Show
22 October 2008

In addition to the book fair, I’ll be participating in Front Room Gallery’s quadrennial Ballot Show this Friday from 7 – 9 in Williamsburg. The show addresses the notion of equitable choice in the electoral process, which has been greatly undermined since 2000, although electioneering has never been what I’d call fair. When asked to participate, I tried to enlist James Kalm to debate me on the merits of political art in the context of art history, but he declined due to time constraints.
Instead, I’ve decided to sidestep the whole issue of the ballot and put the emphasis on lobbying and special interests. At the opening, individuals can lobby me to make them a work of art. Lobbyists must submit a written proposal and I will briefly listen to it personally. Based on the proposals, I will decide which one is representative of my artistic platform and the lobbyist’s interests.

So, if you are interested in acquiring a Powhida, this is a radically different way to get one than the through the market. Without directly addressing the political ideology of the left and right paradigms of Capitalism, I think there are some parallels to the way art and politics are dependent on big money, often in contradiciton of their principles.

I’m a bastard, so either give me cash or an idea that will catapault us into history! See you Friday.

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