Congrats Barack
4 November 2008

Just wanted to take a second to commemorate this moment and welcome back dignity, intelligence, and diplomacy back to the United States. While I routinely fail to display those qualities myself, It’s an awesome feeling to welcome it back into the White House. I hope that we will have patience with our new President as he tries to deal with the horrific decisions of the previous, unnameable administration, which has thoroughly abused the Constitution and brought shame to this country.

Tonight, I also go to bed knowing that the Supreme Court will not be allowed to complete its conservative shift towards Scalia’s originalist (reactionary) thought. I hope Barack’s victory will speed that fucker’s retirement as he restores ‘checks and balances’ to our government that have been systematically dismantled and tossed aside for the last eight years. When Obama moves into the White House he should bring a young priest and an old priest and exorcise whatever demons linger there.



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