Three Shows and an Interview
14 January 2009

I’ve been a derelict blogger. Last season kicked my ass and then Miami happened. It’s been a slow recovery from the Lemonade Stand at PULSE, but while I mend a bit Saatchi online has published an interview I did last fall with Ana Finel Honigman. Meanwhile, three friends are helping kick off the new season with shows that you should check out.

•Bill Abdale at Marvelli Gallery opened last night and gives Minimalism a subversive kick to the head. I’m particularly fond of Bill’s death metal philosophy and his artist statement is all you need to know about it.


The rally, the rock concert, the holy book, the secret formula, the slogan, the hit single, the street team, the come-on, the cop, the oratory, the tabloid, the altar, the poster, the free cigarette, the spam email, the encore, the sermon, the security camera. 

•Michael Waugh at Schroeder Romero opening tonight. Waugh is an artist I respect and admire who often makes me feel like the terrible artist I am. His show, The More I see of Men consists large and medium scale history drawings are rendered completely in handwritten script from presidential commissions.


“The Social Security Commission (part I)”. 2008. Ink on Mylar, 42″ x 80 1/2.”

• Chris Rubino opening Saturday night at Heist Gallery in the LES. Rubino and I went to Syracuse University together. He’s quietly transformed himself from an amazing designer into a serious artist. I missed his last show at Cashama, and am looking forward to seeing his new work.


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