Art Lies
28 January 2009

Publication is an amazing way to get the work out there especially to new audiences who have yet to experience the ‘mutant toddler’ GENIUS, William Powhida. Art Lies, a very smart journal (well most of the time) out of Houston, Texas published several works including two, Whitney Rejection Letter and Conditional Painting, that were only on display to the public during PulseNY 2008. The short public (free) lifespan of art fair art is one of the drawbacks of being an art fair whore participant like myself. I love art fairs, they put very different galleries on equal footing for a few days. They break down the strict perception of power based on geography (like whether your gallery based in Austin or if it isn’t ground floor in Chelsea, which may feel like being in Austin…) Hopefully, the fairs will adjust their prices and to remain economically viable in these dark days of economic ruin. If they aren’t responsive to the market, they will probably disappear.

That little rant aside, Art Lies extended the life span of my work past the fair expiration date by including it in the issue Death of the Curator. Editor Anjali Gupta, tired of the perpetual, protracted death of _________________ (insert whatever is becoming tired) decided to take a different approach. I’d like to think my work implicates the curator as part of the problem over the last six years of fun in the sun. I’m sure you can think of a few examples. Anyway, Art Lies kicks ass and I hope to work with them again in the near future.

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