A Walkthrough – After the Contemporary
11 April 2017

For a sense of the installation of my current show, After the Contemporary, at the Aldrich, you can take a low-tech virtual tour of the show (which I’ve made using a thing called strut.io, a GUI for editing a javascript called Impress).  After the Contemporary is set in the year 2050 and is a retrospective look at twenty-five years of  market-driven art exemplified by the ascendence of the art fair booth and the supremacy of formalism over content during a period of extreme wealth and income inequality.

I’ve made this because I hope it will encourage you to take the train or a leisurely drive up to Ridgefield, Connecticut which is about an hour and half outside of New York City and visit my show along with three other concurrent solo exhibitions by Beth Campbell, Kay Rosen, and Suzane McClelland.  The shows are all up through September 4th offering an ideal excuse to flee the summer hellscape of New York City.

Eventually, I will give in and make a legible version of the show available online, but you can’t separate the content from the museum for what makes this an exhibition, rather than a collection of objects for sale, like the Grevsky’s featured in the show (which are available for sale at www.grevsky.com)*

After the Contemporary, virtual walkthrough screen shot

After the Contemporary, virtual walkthrough screen shot 

*Time is a relative concept within the ‘conceptual framework’ of the exhibition.

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