What are the Odds?
13 March 2009

I’ll pimp out my drawing Post-Boom Odds one last time after some serious whoring exposure during Armory week.  The drawing, which outlines my completely subjective odds of any art stars mattering in ten years is in Note To Self at Schroeder Romero.  The drawing was made for Ben Tischer’s Artist-of-the-Month Club print subscription and the beautiful, digital-ink jet version was displayed at Pulse. It picked up a bit of press, which I suspect is part of the reason Ben selected me for the project.  I was happy to oblige him with some provocation and a little self-doubt.  The subscription for AMC costs $2,400 and you get a print a month for 2009, including my antagonistic contribution, but you’ll have to wait to find out who the rest of the participating artists are.  I imagine they will make up for my lack of class.  If you just want to get your hands on my print, I donated one of my artist’s proofs to an upcoming silent auction.

Here’s what people are saying (shameless self-promotion)
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