Dear Cary, whoever you are
2 April 2009

If you happen to be in San Francisco please stop by the opening of “I Want You To Want Me” at Marx/Zavattero Gallery Saturday April 4th from 6 – 8pm. The show looks pretty awesome and serves as partial response to Cary. I don’t know who Cary is, be s/he asked the question…Anyway The San Francisco Weekly says some nice things here.

New York Times Blog Post on the Odds drawing. While I appreciate the press and I swore I’d stop whoring that drawing out, someone posted a frequently asked question that I thought I’d take a moment to respond at my leisure on my own blog where I don’t have to respect the moderator’s feelings. “Cary” asks:

Why is William Powhida such a hater? What has he contributed? 200-1 [this doubles my own estimate of 100-1, touche Cary, you should be my assistant]

Well Cary, I am a total hater. In fact, I think I hate you too for asking such a stupid fucking question. I am a hater because I can’t stand most art, it’s repellent, redundant, and cliche-ridden (even mine sometimes), and I think most of the privileged assholes who produce said art are self important douchebags (like me, but with a safety net called money). How’s that? See this gross article in the New York Times about the Havana Biennial and artists like Delia Brown, although it ends on a more positive note talking about the work of Duke Riley, crazy man, who is not a self-important douchebag and lives his art. For real, unlike me who may or may not believe anything I am saying to you, dear Cary.

I love art history, though. It’s a nice story with a limited amount of names to remember, because the rest of the artists, a vast, vast number, have faded into oblivion, lost to us forever. Your 200-1 odds that I will be remembered even in ten years in generous in the face of the real number of artists out there toiling in their studios seeking acknowledgment for their industry and passion.

Also, I have not contributed anything that you would find meaningful and have no plans to do that sort of thing, you know, make art that you will recognize because it is ‘good’ and ‘smart’. Whatever, if you want to know what I’ve contributed, come to my solo show next Friday April 10th at Schroeder Romero from 6 – 8 pm and you can see for yourself what exactly I have contributed and why I have so much hate in my black, black heart. I don’t know if I even have a heart. Something beats inside me…

So, Cary, I hope I have answered your thoughtful question. Now go sit in your corner.

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