Explain Me
3 October 2017

Blogging is basically dead (don’t tell Greg Allen), but podcasts are everywhere.  To that end, I’ve decided to contribute to the endless stream of language with a new podcast called Explain Me co-hosted by ArtFCity publisher and art critic Paddy Johnson.  We’re dedicating our biweekly discussions to art, politics, money, and the moral responsibilities of artists (and the ethics of the art word).  Over at ArtFCity, Paddy has posted an introduction for our inaugural episode The Broken Toilet,   “In this first pod, we discuss Documenta’s massive overspending and near bankruptcy, the closure of Bruce High Quality Foundation University, and a new development along the 7 line describing itself as New York’s best installation. We also talk about a few shows we’ve seen recently in Chelsea…”  The podcast is also available on iTunes and keep an eye our for our next episode.  We’re hoping to have some surprise guest callers! 

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