The November Brooklyn Rail Cover [Updated]
2 November 2009

Update:  A friend brought it to my attention after some confusion that there are indeed three different covers for the November issue of the Brooklyn Rail.  I spoke with Phong Bui, the publisher of the Rail, who told me he wanted to promote other artists featured in the issue and do something different with the publication.  The issue was divided into thirds, and I believe my drawing about the New Museum can only be found on the cover of the 7,000 issues printed.  They are currently available in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Spoonbill & Sugartown as well as other locations on Bedford Avenue.  It is also available elsewhere and I will see if I can get a list from Phong where those are.  The fact that there are different covers came as something of surprise to me and with such a politically sensitive issue I think it may appear that the Rail may have hedged in their commitment to the cover.  I’d prefer to think after knowing Phong for many years that he felt obligated to run the other potential covers as well, since my drawing was delivered two days before the current issue was finished and ready to be sent to press.
    The fact is the drawing was originally slated to be an editorial cartoon in the spirit of Ad Reinhardt.  For Phong to make the decision to use the image on the cover at all attests to the Rail’s commitment to critical perspectives on art.
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