#Class @edwardwinkleman gallery
5 January 2010

Jennifer Dalton and I will be organizing a sort of think-tank at Edward Winkleman gallery in late February to explore the often uncomfortable class differences in the art world as well as the intangibles that keep us making art despite minor commercial success.  It’s part of broader question about the structural excess of labor in the art market, and why artists still persist to make art despite a star system based on branding and reputation.  Why are there so many of us hopelessly competing for a limited number of spots in the market?  Do we hope to win the lotto?  Do we have to wear blinders and ignore the statistics that coldly tell us to stop and get a job?

This is just one of the questions I have about a market selling luxury items to the wealthy for absurd amounts of money based on minor differences in talent or conception.  There are many, many questions and my problem is not the art world’s problem, just one of them.

Please help us undermine our own efforts, deny commercial success/self-promotion, and roll the dice with our new project #class.  It’s not an exhibition, group show, or performance.  It’s just a think/work/market space that bends rules and breaks others in an effort to say ‘this is not that’ to borrow Jen’s inner thoughts about our collaborative platform.

Submission guidelines (more like suggestions), our project proposal, and comments are being hosted at hashtagclass.blogspot.com  and email your thoughts about this project to hashtagclass@gmail.com

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