What does Walter Robinson think about Hooverville?
12 March 2010

This was posted from Walter Robinson’s Facebook account on a thread about the Hooverville drawing by Jerry Saltz.  Satire?  Reality?  Who fucking knows, but this is the editor of Artnet.com.  If there’s a magazine, I’ve never seen it.  And, when I used to write for Artnet.com, I was basically asked to describe what things looked like and how much they cost.  It’s one of the reasons criticism is so fucking boring these days.  At least Ben Davis is writing interesting things at Artnet.  Anyway, this hilarious!

Walter Robinson 

I can’t believe all you people like that fucken Powhida. I hate him and am going to kill him when I see him for that caricature of me, if only I knew what the little dweeb looks like. It’s ARTNET MAGAZINE editor, you dweeb, not Artnet.com editor. Stupid twerp. He tried to write for me once or twice but he’s so fucken nondescript I wouldn’t recognize him in one of his own stupid drawings. And he couldn’t write worth shit. Never gave me any of his fucken caricatures, either, the drip.

Craig says:

Did he just call you a drip? Is it 1961?

Evangeline says:

hahaha!!!! Love the fire.

kalm james says:

Hey William,
might I suggest that with some of the newly acquired booty you're raking in that you consider what could become an essential wardrobe accessory, namely a Kevlar vest. Short of that, you could bundle some copies of the Brooklyn Rail together with duck tape and stuff them under your coat.

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Walter says:

Who? Schmuck then, schmuck now

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