20 April 2010

I’ve been laying low since #class ended, but perhaps too low. I should’ve mentioned that I have new works in a group show Mirror, Mirror at Postmasters Gallery curated by Magda Sawon. The show is up through May 8th and features a new large-scale mixed media work called Cosmology #1 where I organized my personal art world ‘angels and demons’ around D&D character alignments; chaotic neutral, lawful good, chaotic evil…I know, it’s absurd but it seemed appropriate. If that’s not enough to draw you in Yevgeny Fiks and Kate Gilmore have stand out pieces in a great show. Check out the ARTslant review here.

I’ve also literally been reading up on Black Magic having just finished A.E. Waite‘s “The Book of Black Magic” detailing many talismans, seals, sigils, and powers of various demons. While it might appear incongruous with my practice there are some interesting parallels about the power of invoking specific names that I feel is worth exploring. Anyway, I’m not practicing Satanic rituals (I’d have to kill one or two of the cats that live in my studio building and I don’t like what that suggests, although there are seven of them running amok), but I am working on a composite system of my own. Some of these are for my publishing residency at the Lower East Side Printshop, as well as for a show I am co-curating with Eric Trosko at Platform Gallery in Seattle that will be opening July 1st (tentatively). We may try and summon a demon to revive the ritualistic first Thursdays and compel the Mentats out there to buy art, although not even Lucifuge Rocofale may be able to compel the Microsoft drones to embrace their humanity. If you do happen to make art that aspires to be magic, not so much about magic, but that actually involves making something happen send me an email or leave a comment. I’d love to check it out.
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