Contemporary Composite Art Magic
7 May 2010
Talisman I, graphite and watercolor on paper, 2010

I’m happy to announce that my performance/lecture/experiment “Surviving the Art World Using the Art of Sorcery” at Hyperallergic on May 14th has already filled up.  I will be discussing the magical aspects of art including illusionism, conjuration, alchemy and drawing power from malign art world entities.  I will also be presenting a new work in progress for the operation of composite art magic.  While some of the forms are borrowed from traditional black magic this is a highly personalized, composite magic made with common studio materials.  I will also perform certain magical operations that use the ability of the mind to alter the physical world and bridge the gap between what is and what is desired.   In the words of A.E. Waite “You have to be good to do evil.”  
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