How's My Dealing
6 February 2009

Someone contacted me on Facebook the other day and asked if I was Buck Naked from How’s My Dealing?. The answer is no. I would like to think that my enemies/allies lists and projects may have served as some sort of inspiration for Buck Naked, but I’ve learned to make my attacks on the art world part of my art. I applaud Buck Naked for creating an open channel of communication for disgruntled dealers and artists, but if I were doing the project, I’d be sure to get some fucking credit.

So, I am not Buck Naked. It’s not my blog. I do think it’s an interesting bit of gossip and speculation, but without any verifiable sources, all the information remains just that, gossip and speculation. The fact that it seems to get so much attention is more indicative of how the art world operates than anything else. I would note that having been once again accused of being Buck Naked, (my own art dealer asked a few weeks ago), I stopped by the site today and scanned the death watch. Apparently back in October, someone said Schroeder Romero was closing. It’s not, unless they are just shielding me from the awful truth. Also, Zach really did cut his roster of artists. My assistant was just telling me how they were discussing the purge in grad school. Word moves fast, but you can verify it on his website.

Finally, it was more like a wake at Guild and Greyskhul last night than an opening. All the shaggy haired peoples of the world came out to pay their respects to the Deitch farm team. It was sort of pathetic and sad all at once. Sorry kids.

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