12 February 2020

I’ve launched a new project called Store-to-Own where the public is invited to store available works from my personal inventory in their homes, offices, businesses, or institutions.  After a period of five years, title of the works transfers to the borrower, while I retain a 50% stake in any future sale of the work based on a simple contract Amy Whitaker and Alfred Steiner wrote for me.  The project is stored on a Google Site, that you can access here, Store-to-Own. I will update the site with inventory that returns to me from the last 16 years of exhibitions.  The contract is also freely available for modification and use by anyone who has art in storage they would prefer to have out in the world.  Embedded in the contract is also a re-sale rider that introduces a resale royalty currently unavailable to artists in the U.S., unless of course, we make that part of all of our sales and transfers.  

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