14 November 2010
ABMB Hooverville, 60" x 44", Graphite on paper, 2010 with Jade Townsend

ABMB Hooverville, 60″ x 44″, Graphite on paper, 2010 with Jade Townsend


Month2Month with Jennifer Dalton produced by More Art 

New New Berlin with Jade Townsend, 2014 at  Galveston Artist Residency

Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes with Jade Townsend, 2012 at Gallery Poulsen and 2013 at Freight and Volume

#rank  with Jennifer Dalton, 2010 at Seven Art Fair, Miami.

ABMB Hooverville with Jade Townsend, 2010 at PULSE New York with Charlie James Gallery.

#class with Jennifer Dalton, 2010 at Edward Winkleman Gallery

The Lemonade Stand with Jade Townsend, 2008-09 at NADA County Affair, PULSE Miami, and Socrates Sculpture Park.

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